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2020 House Journal

The Georgia Constitution requires that both the House of Representatives and Senate maintain a journal of their proceedings (Ga. Const. art III, § V, ¶ I). The House Journal is a chronological record of the official actions taken by the House of Representatives on legislation.The Journal includes captions of Bills and Resolutions, reports of standing committees, substitutes and amendments offered, votes, motions made by Representatives, communications received, messages from the Senate, and other pertinent information.

The index is arranged alphabetically by subject matter and numerically by Bill or Resolution number. Alphabetical entries reference a Bill or Resolution number while numerical entries reference a page number.Users may consult the alphabetical index to first determine the appropriate Bill or Resolution number and then refer to the numerical index for the specific page number.

2020 Regular Session

2020 Regular Session Title, Officers and Staff

2020 Regular Session House Journal

2020 Regular Session Index


2020 Special Session

2020 Special Session Title, Officers and Staff

2020 Special Session House Journal

2020 Special Session Index

House Journals from previous legislative sessions may be accessed HERE

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