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Behavioral Health Reform and Innovation Commission 

Behavioral Health Reform and Innovation Commission
HR 514

Commission Members:

Gov. Kemp's Appointees Lieutenant Gov. Duncan's Appointees
Rep. Kevin Tanner, Chairman Sen. Renee Unterman
Dr. Sarah Vinson Sen. Donzella James
Dr. DeJuan White Sheriff Andy Hester
Dr. Michael Robert Yochelson Wayne Senfeld
Jason Downey Brenda Fitzgerald
Dr. Joseph Bona Cindy Levi
Dr. Karen Bailey
Miriam Shook
Nora Lott Haynes

Speaker Ralston's Appointees Chief Justice Melton's Appointees
Rep. Don Hogan Justice Michael Boggs
Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver Judge Brian J. Amero
Chief of Police Louis Dekmar Judge Sara S. Harris
Gwen Skinner
Kim Jones
Judge Brenda Weaver

Meeting Information:
Monday, Dec. 16 Agenda
Behavioral Health Reform Commission Presentations 12.16.19.pdf

Subcommittee Documents:
Feb. 7, 2020 2019_ICJE_Orders_to_Apprehend_1.pdf
Feb. 20, 2020 MENTAL_HEALTH-A_Georgia_Jail's_Perspective.pdf