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House Rural Development Council
HR 389

Council Members:
Rep. Terry England, Co-Chairman
Rep. Jay Powell, Co-Chairman
Rep. Sam Watson, Vice-Chair Ex-Officio Members:
Rep. Patty Bentley Rep. Brooks Coleman
Rep. John Corbett Rep. Sharon Cooper
Rep. Matt Hatchett Rep. Robert Dickey
Rep. Mack Jackson Rep. Penny Houston
Rep. Dominic LaRiccia Rep. Rick Jasperse
Rep. Eddie Lumsden Rep. Tom McCall
Rep. Chad Nimmer   Rep. Butch Parrish
Rep. Clay Pirkle Rep. Don Parsons
Rep. Terry Rogers Rep. Jason Shaw
Rep. Ed Rynders Rep. Ron Stephens
Rep. Darlene Taylor Rep. Kevin Tanner
Rep. Bill Werkheiser

Speaker's Office Contact:
Tim Bearden, Director of Member & Administrative Services

Meeting Information:

Toccoa, GA
Thursday, June 15, 2017     
Video Link  Agenda  Presentations 
PLAY part 1 Agenda GaEconomicDevelopment_Presentation.pptx
PLAY Part 2 GA_DeptofCommunityAffairs_Presentation.pptx
PLAY Part 3 GeorgiaBankersAssociation_Presentation.pptx
PLAY Part 4 Rural_Small_Business_Incentives_Presentation.pptx
PLAY Part 5 GeorgiaPower_Presentation.pdf

Friday, June 16, 2017     
Video Link  Agenda  Presentations 
PLAY Video Agenda ASI_Presentation.pptx

Tifton, GA
Tuesday, May 22, 2017     
Video Link  Agenda  Presentations 
Play Video  Agenda  ATT_Presentation.pptx 
CVIOG Eric McRae_Broadband Survey.ppt
State Broadband Initiatives.pptx
WIN Overview Rural Development Committee.pptx
Tuesday, May 23, 2017     
Video Link  Agenda  Presentations 
Play Video  Agenda  ABAC Presentation.pptx
CVIOG Matt Hauer_Rural_Georgia PPT_MH2.pptx
Locate South Georgia.ppt
Charlie Hayslett Presentation.pptx

Upcoming Meetings:
Date Location Topic of Discussion
Meeting # 3 - July 19 Thomasville Healthcare
                       July 20 Bainbridge Developmental Disabilities
Meeting # 4 - August 15 Ellijay Infrastructure & Labor Report
                       August 16 Dalton Education & Workforce Development
Meeting # 5 - September 6 Metter Healthcare
                       September 7 Metter Healthcare
Meeting # 6 - September 26 Darien K-12 Education
                       September 27 Darien Workforce
Meeting # 7 - October 24 Waycross Transportation Infrastructure
                       October 25 Waycross Forestry Industry
Meeting # 8 - November 8  Albany TBD
                       November 9  Albany TBD
Meeting # 9 - November 28  Warm Springs TBD
                       November 29  Manchester area TBD
Meeting # 10 - December Milledgeville Review of & Approval of First Report