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Special/Study Committees 
Georgia House of Representatives > Committees > Special/Study Committees

House Study Committees

Alcoholic Beverage Code
Autonomous Vehicle Technology 
Aviation & Jobs 
Child Welfare Providers: Licensing & Inspection 
Code of Military Justice 
Compensating Wrongfully Convicted Persons  
DUI Recidivism & Driver's License Suspensions/Reinstatements  
Federal Government's Role in Education
Film & Post-Production (Georgia-Based)
For Hire Transportation Services  
Emergency Relocation of Abused Adults
Medical Education  
Joint Study Committees: 
Emergency Relocation of Abused Adults 
Critical Transportation Infrastructure Funding
Georgia Legacy Program  
Prescription of Medical Cannabis  
Violence Against Women Health Care Workers  


Red Tape Watch
Georgia Music Industry
Medicaid Reform: Joint Study Committee
Mental Health Access 
Professional Licensing Boards
Timber Security


Joint Human Trafficking Study Commission
Comprehensive Motor Vehicle & Traffic Reform (TITLE 40)
State Education Finance Study Commission