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Study Committees 

House Study Committees

Historic Site Preservation
Judicial Qualifications Commission Reform
Mental Illness Initiative
Military Affairs
Minority Participation in Film & Television Production Industry
Professional Employer Organizations
Reading to the Blind & Visually Impaired
Regional Transit Solutions

Joint Committees:

Alternative Fuels Infrastructure & Vehicles
High Speed Broadband Communications Access
Financial Technologies & Payment Processing Industry
Music Economic Development
State Commission on Narcotic Treatment Programs
State Commission on Petroleum Pipelines

Adult Day Services
Annexation, Deannexation, and Incorporation
Children's Mental Health 
Fibroids Education and Awareness
Grandparents Raising Grandchildren & Kinship Care
Health, Education and School-Based Health Centers
HOPE Scholarship Program Award for Critical Field Fields
Intellectual and Developmental Disability Community-based Services 
Life Insurance Consumer Disclosures 
Post Secondary Education and Employment Options for Individuals with Disabilities
Preservation of the HOPE Scholarship Program 
Saltwater Intrusion into Coastal Aquifers 
School Counseling & Role of School Counselors  
Short Term Rental Providers
Use of Drones 
Welfare Fraud   
Joint Committees:
Coastal Greenway 

Alcoholic Beverage Code
Autonomous Vehicle Technology 
Aviation & Jobs 
Child Welfare Providers: Licensing & Inspection 
Code of Military Justice 
Compensating Wrongfully Convicted Persons  
DUI Recidivism & Driver's License Suspensions/Reinstatements  
Film & Post-Production (Georgia-Based)
For Hire Transportation Services  
Federal Government's Role in Education
Medical Education
Joint Committees:
Emergency Relocation of Abused Adults
Critical Transportation Infrastructure Funding
Georgia Legacy Program
Prescription of Medical Cannabis
Property Tax Digest Impact on Education Funding
Violence Against Health Care Workers


Red Tape Watch
Georgia Music Industry
Medicaid Reform: Joint Study Committee
Mental Health Access 
Professional Licensing Boards
Timber Security


Joint Human Trafficking Study Commission
Comprehensive Motor Vehicle & Traffic Reform (TITLE 40)
State Education Finance Study Commission