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Transit Governance and Funding 

House Commission on Transit Governance & Funding
HR 848

Commission Members:

House Members
Rep. Kevin Tanner, Chairman
Rep. Christian Coomer
Rep. Mary Margaret Oliver
Rep. Jason Shaw
Rep. Calvin Smyre
Rep. Tom Taylor
Transit System Members
Liz Hausmann
- District 1, Fulton Co. Board of Commissioners
Curtis Kolber
- CEO & Exec. Director, Chatham Area Transit
 Butch McDuffie
- Director, Athens Transit System
Charlotte Nash
- Chairman, Gwinnett Co. Board of Commissioners
Resident Members
Brian Anderson
- President/CEO, Columbus Chamber of Commerce
Rhonda Briggins
- President, Georgia Transit Association
Sen. Butch Miller
 - Senate District 49, Gainesville
Bob Ott
- District 2, Cobb Co. Board of Commissioners
Ex-Officio Members
Russell McMurry; Commissioner, GDOT
Keith Parker; CEO, MARTA
Chris Tomlinson; Executive Director, GRTA
* The directors of all metropolitan planning organizations (MPOs) are also ex-officio appointees to the Commission. 
   HR 848 provides that none of the MPO directors will have voting rights as members of the Commission.

Staff: Abby Day, Policy Analyst

Meeting Information:

Tuesday, October 10
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Wednesday, August 2
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Thursday, June 29 
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