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Speaker's Staff

Speaker's Board Appointments

BOARD NAME Current Appointees
Council on Aging Rachel Hillard
Vicki Johnson
John Rhodes
Ann Williams
Agricultural Education Advisory Commission Rep. Terry England (Co-Chair)
Rep. Debbie Buckner
Rep. Robert Dickey
Agricultural Exposition Authority Overview Committee Rep. Tom McCall (Chair)
Rep. Robert Dickey
Rep. Terry England
Rep. Rick Jasperse
Rep. Buddy Harden
Aviation Authority Kenneth Warnock
Behavorial Health Coordinating Council Rep. Katie Dempsey
Bona Fide Coin Operated Amusement Machine Operator Board Michael Chamlee
Emily Dunn
Career & Technical Education Advisory Commission Rep. Rick Jasperse (Co-Chair)
Rep. Steven Meeks
Rep. Randy Nix
Rep. Trey Rhodes
Capitol Arts Standards Commission Rep. Beth Beskin
Rep. James Beverly
Rep. Andrew Welch
Charter Advisory Committee Fred Williams
Melanie Stockwell
David Moeller
Child Advocate Advisory Committee Hon. Render Max Heard Jr.
Dr. Jose Rodriquez
Child Fatality Review Panel Rep. Mandi Ballinger
Citizens Review Panel (Transportation Investment Act) Philip Wahl - Central River Savannah Area Regional Commission
James Kendrick - Central River Savannah Area Regional Commission
Mark Ivey - Central River Savannah Area Regional Commission
Jermiah Carney - River Valley Regional Commission
Anthony Murray - River Valley Regional Commission
Joseph C. Brannon- River Valley Regional Commission
Billy Trapnell - Heart of Georgia Altamaha Regional Commission
Homer Garnto- Heart of Georgia Altamaha Regional Commission
Roger Branch - Heart of Georgia Altamaha Regional Commission
Civil War Commission John Carroll
Inger Eberhart
Rusty Henderson
Charlie Lott
Dr. Brian Wills
Code Revision Commission Rep. Stacy Evans
Rep. Johnnie Caldwell
Rep. Rich Golick
Rep. Wendell Willard
State Commission on Compensation Mr. Craig Barrs
Rep. Barbara Sims
Board of Driver Services Hubert Parker
Wallace Coopwood
Education Turnaround Advisory Council (HB 338) Lex Rainey, Chairman
Dr. Meria Carstarphen
Education Authority Karl Lutjens
Education Commission of the States Rep. Valerie Clark
State Election Board Rebecca Sullivan
State Commission on Family Violence Rep. Mandi Ballinger
Rep. Susan Holmes
Rep. Penny Houston
Federal & State Funded Healthcare Financing Programs Overview Rep. Jay Powell, Chairman
Rep. Sharon Cooper
Rep. Terry England
Rep. Bob Trammell
Rep. Jesse Petrea
Fiscal Affairs Subcommittee of the House of Representatives Rep. Terry England
Rep. Don Parsons
Rep. Jon Burns
Rep. Penny Houston
Firefighters Standards & Training Council Chief Tony Pritchett
Chief Lanier Swafford
Government Transparency & Campaign Finance Commission James D. Kreyenbuhl
Halls of Fame Authority Overview Committee Rep. Allen Peake (Vice Chair)
Rep. James Beverly
Rep. Bubber Epps
Rep. Shaw Blackmon
Rep. Bert Reeves
Commission on Hearing Impaired and Deaf  Persons  Dr. Beth Lytle
Georgia Higher Education Facilities Authority Tommy David
Commission on the Holocaust Rep. Michele Henson
Rep. Deborah Silcox
Jody Franco
Andy Bauman
Philip Kranz
Michael Morris
Robert Wittenstein
Hotel Motel Tax Performance Review Board Rep. David Knight
State Council for Interstate Adult Offender Supervision Alan Powell
Immigration Enforcement Review Board Terry Clark 
James Balli
Commission on Interstate Cooperation Rep. Jon Burns
Rep. Matt Dollar
Rep. John Deffenbaugh
Rep. Mack Jackson
Rep. Richard Smith
Invest Georgia Board A.D. Frazier
Jekyll Island-State Park Authority Oversight Committee Rep. Jon Burns (Vice-Chair)
Rep.  Matt Hatchett
Rep. Alex Atwood
Judicial Qualifications Commission Richard Hyde
James Balli
Georgia Council on Lupus Education & Awareness Rep. Betty Price
Lottery Corporation Legislative Oversight Committee  Members of Regulated Industries Committee
Special Advisory Commission on Mandated Health Insurance Benefits Rep. Richard Smith
Rep. John Meadows
Martin Luther King Jr. Advisory Council Toney Collins
Metropolitan North Georgia Water Planning District Governing Board Katie Kirkpatrick 
Tim Thoms
Narcotic Treatment Programs: State Commission Rep. Sharon Cooper (Chair)
Rep. Bruce Broadrick
Rep. Rick Jasperse
OneGeorgia Authority Overview Committee Rep. Ed Rynders
Georgia Outdoor Stewardship Trust Fund Eddie Cannon 
Carl Riggs 
Commission on the Preservation of the State Capitol Bill Reilly
Rep. Joe Wilkinson 
Public Defender Standards Council Murphy Miller
Edward Tolley
Legislative Oversight Committee for the Georgia Public Defenders Standards Council  Rep. Chuck Efstration
Rep. Barry Fleming
Rep. Brian Fleming
Georgia Palliative Care & Quality of Life Advisory Council Rep. Sharon Cooper
Dr. Khaliah A. Johnson
Kelly Erola
Petroleum Pipelines: State Commission Rep. Bill Hitchens (Chair)
Rep. Barry Flemming
Rep. Al Williams
Board of Public Safety Sheriff Dane Kirby
Recreational Authorities Overview Committee Rep. Stephen Allison
Rep. Katie Dempsey
Rep. Gerald Greene
Regional Commission Governing Council Don Murray -Region 1
Peter Hill - Region 2
(not affected) - Region 3 
Terry Harper - Region 4
Vince Lewis - Region 5
Travis Blackwell - Region 6
Adam Nelson - Region 7
Carole Rutland - Region 8
Janice O'Brien - Region 9
Dave Herndon - Region 10
William McKinney - Region 11
Dan Coty - Region 12
Commission on Regional Planning  Rep. John Meadows 
Rep. Ron Stephens(ex-officio - non voting member)
Safe Harbor for Sexually Exploited Children Fund Commission Dianne Scoggins
   April Pair
Seed Development Commission Ken James
Sports Hall of Fame Authority Don Leeburn
Loran Smith
State Games Commission Marshall Guest 
Abit Massey
State Properties Commission Michael Howell
State Road and Tollway Authority Mitch Land
Southern Growth Policies Board Rep. Ron Stephens
Southern Georgia Regional TIA/TSPLOST Commission Bill Slaughter
Walter Hudson
Robert Griner
Southern States Energy Board Rep. Lynn Smith
   Rep. Chuck Martin (alternate)
Streamlined Sales Tax Governing Board  Rep. David Knight
Superior Court Clerks' Cooperative Authority Dana Chastain
Technology Authority Board Kent Webb
Leanne West
Technology Authority Overview Committee Vacancy
Rep. Paulette Braddock
Rep. Chuck Martin
Tobacco Community Development Board Overview Committee Rep. Mike Cheokas, Vice-Chair
Rep. Penny Houston
Rep. Richard Smith
Trauma Care Network Commission John Bleacher
Courtney Terwilliger
Commission on Women Sharon Baker
Debbie Connell
Martha Murphy Long
Julianna McConnell
Dianne Rogers
Workforce Investment Board Rep. Terry England 
Rep. Buddy Harden
World Congress Authority Overview Committee Rep. Barry Fleming
Rep. Butch Parrish
Rep. Terry Rogers
Rep. Jan Jones
Rep. Calvin Smyre
World War I Centennial Commission Scott D. Delius
Thomas Lacy