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* Hearing-impaired individuals may access transcripts of video of
proceedings of the House of Representatives by emailing a request
Every effort will be made to provide such access as quickly as
possible after the request has been submitted.

House Meeting Streaming Schedule
* Click on the event title to view the live streaming video

Monday, July 24, 2017  
Event Time Location
MARTOC 10:00am 606 CLOB

Press Conferences
Event Date    
Rep. Renitta Shannon 7.18.17
Legislative Black Caucus 7.6.17
Rep. Rhonda Burnough 6.13.17
Rep. William Boddie 6.9.17
Rep. Erica Thomas 6.1.2017
Rep. Chuck Efstration: HB 221   5.8.2017
Domestic Violence: Rep. Billy Mitchell 5.8.2017
HB 146: Firefighter Cancer Coverage Act Signing 5.4.2017
Rep. Tommy Benton: HR 644 3.27.2017
Georgia's Future Caucus 3.22.2017
Clayton County Delegation 3.20.2017
Legislative Black Caucus 3.16.2017
Legislative Black Caucus 3.9.2017
Rep. Billy Mitchell 2.16.2017
Rep. Chuck Efstration: Press Conference 2.7.2017
Minority Caucus Legislative Agenda 1.25.2017
Rep. Billy Mitchell Press Conference 1.23.2017
Rep. Brett Harrell Press Conference 1.19.2017
Speaker David Ralston - Press Avail 1.5.2017

**A video archive will be available following these meetings' adjournments on the appropriate
committee's webpage.  Links to these archives are below