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2022 Full Committee Videos

March April
Wednesday, March 9 Monday, April 4
Thursday, March 10
Monday, March 28

2021 Full Committee Videos
February march
Thursday, Feb. 4 Wednesday, March 17
Tuesday, Feb. 9 Thursday, March 18
Thursday, Feb. 18 Monday, March 22
Friday, Feb. 19 Wednesday, March 24
Monday, Feb. 22 (Audio comes in at 1:00)
Tuesday, Feb. 23
Wednesday, Feb. 24
Friday, Feb. 26

2021 Subcommittee Videos
Blackmon Rich
Tuesday, Feb. 23  Thursday, Feb. 11 
Thursday, March 4 Wednesday, Feb. 17 

*To view committee meetings for previous legislative sessions, please click here. For additional help, contact the House Media Services Office at (404) 656-0309, or email