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Study Committee on the Preservation of the HOPE Scholarship Program

HR 827 creates the House Study Committee on the Preservation of the HOPE Scholarship Program.  This study committee, while not formed by a joint resolution, is meeting jointly with the Senate.

Committee Members:

House Members
Rep. Matt Ramsey, Co-Chairman Sen. Brandon Beach, Co-Chairman
Rep. Chuck Martin Sen. Rick Jeffares
Rep. Howard Maxwell Sen. Burt Jones
Rep. John Meadows Sen. Jeff Mullis
Rep. Calvin Smyre Sen. Bill Cowsert
Rep. Ron Stephens Sen. Valencia Seay
Rep. Brian Strickland Sen. Harold Jones, II
Sen. Butch Miller
Sen. Freddie Powell-Sims

House Staff
Michael Parkerson

Committee Documents:

Thursday, December 10
 - HB677_Summary.pdf
 - GHRCPresentation1.pptx
 - Union Gaming presentation to GA General Assembly_v4.pptx
 - Walker_ATL_12-10-15.pptx
 - Rep. Stacey Evans 12-10-20151 Presentation.pdf
 - Rev. Willie Webb 12-10-2015 Presentation.pdf
 - Presenter Bios - HOPE 12-10-15.pdf

Monday, November 2
 - Dr. John Kindt_11-2-15_Statement.pdf
 - Rev. Tommy East - Nov. 2 Preservation of HOPE Scholarship Presenation.pdf
 - Rev. Willie Webb 12-10-2015 Presentation to Preservation of Hope Scholarship Committee.pdf
 - Tanya Ditty_Presentation.pdf
 - Gaming Laboratories_Presentation.pdf
 - Keith Smith-Boyd Gaming testimony -- 11 02 15.pdf
 - Hope_survival_2008-14.pdf
 - Preserving HOPE 2.pdf
 - WLA GA House Study Committee HOPE Scholarship 091415.pdf
 - 40 Economists Against Gambling.pdf
 - Atlantic City.pdf
 - Faith_Freedom_Coalition_GA.pdf
 - Cyndy_Hartman.pdf
 - Kelly_Duncan.pdf

Tuesday, September 15
 - GAHRC OTB Presentation by Michele Fischer of Sportech 9-15-2015.pptx
 - GA Legis Com NTRA by Alex Waldrop 9-15-2015.ppt
 - GHRC Presentation by Dean Reeves.pptx
 - Marquette Advisors - GA Gaming by L. Fillman & B. Wittenbery 9-15-2015.pdf
 - MGM_Presentation by Jim Murren.pdf

Monday, September 14
 - GSFC GA Student Finance Com - Tricia Chastain 9-14-2015.pdf
 - GA Lottery by Debbie Alford (Legis Response).pptx

Video Archives:

Meeting Videos

Thursday, December 10
Tuesday, September 15
Monday, September 14