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Invitation Resolutions 

House Invitation Resolution Request Form

If your request for an invitation resolution is approved by the House Rules Committee, you will be contacted by the Invitation Resolution Coordinator.

*Do NOT schedule a date with your guest until you have been contacted by the coordinator.

Please read these documents before filling out your request:
 - Chamber Invite Procedures

 - Invitation Resolution Policies & Procedures (Legislative Council)


Today's Date:  (Required)
State Representative (Sponsor of Invitation Resolution):  (Required)
House Administrative Assistant Email:  (Required)
House Administrative Assistant Phone:  (Required)
HR#:  (Required)
Names of People for Floor Access (Limit of 5):  (Required)
Purpose of Recognition:  (Required)
Phone Number of Invitee:  (Required)
Address of Invitee:  (Required)
Requested Date of Recognition:  (Required)